The Pit of Seething Vitriol

[Unupdated, quiescent and covered in dust.]

The Unshaven
Update: I've added a Memories page entilted 'Assorted Fiction and Thoughts.' There's a link to it under 'Website' on this page.

More will be added to it over time. Within it is a section called 'Guide to Submitting fiction.' I've filed a post in there that has a link to a document file which I consider a free download to anyone who might be considering submitting fiction to a magazine.

Hope that helps, and good luck. I'll be updating the file as I get new information.


I asked a friend for a journal code primarily so that I could post responses to them easier, and be on Friends lists. On that basis, I might not update very often. So there.

For me, I'm a postgraduate student of Media Studies and a would-be writer. This translates to 'Doomed to die penniless and raving in the streets about fire-ants and communism,' and I'm happy with that.

Apparently I have an odd sense of humour, and people threaten to take the english language away from me and wash it at intervals.

Anything else isn't vastly relevant, or will turn up on the blog.


Here's a quick list of other handles I tend to use, just to keep people up to speed.

You may know me as 'Kev,' possibly as 'Oi!'

Obviously 'The Unshaven,' is another one, but considering that's now my LJ handle, it shouldn't be difficult to spot.

Yes, this info is in the first post I made, but that'll drop off eventually. Emphasis on eventually.